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My Response to

Mr. Angry February 27, 2019 140

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First off, let me say that I love this movement and I applaud all the work that has been done to create the Black Agenda that appears on the website  I understand that it is a framework, and as such, it is subject to future changes.

Allow me to add some edits of my own.

Now I am not a scholar (and do not pretend to be one), but I am intelligent enough to be able to speak somewhat on a variety of subjects, this being one of them.  I’ve been on a roller coaster ride of opinions about reparations for much of my life, from feeling as though it’s impossible to Black people not needing them to my present-day feeling that yes, an atonement is necessary and required for the existence of slavery in America.

Most of what forms my feelings about the posted Black Agenda is that they are not going far enough in what should be doled out in the form of reparations.  My two beliefs are:

  1. I believe that to determine eligibility for reparations, the easiest way would be to use whatever race people have claimed on official government documents in the past.  Now this will also allow the Rachel Dolezal’s of the world (who haven’t been outed) to claim reparations, but I believe that it affects so few that we shouldn’t even worry about it.
  2. A lump sum payment of $250,000 or more should be given to all ADOS recipients, that is not tied to any entity for specific usage requirements.  Spend it how you wish, because it represents FREEDOM.

Those two points will form the basis of the opinions I have on the Black Agenda posted on, which I will discuss point-by-point below:

Point 1: Create a new designation on the Census form for ADOS and a separate designation for Black Immigrants

I have no issues with this.  We can use what is on past census forms (although I thought they were supposed to be anonymous… am I wrong?) to help determine eligibility for reparations.


Point 2: Reinstitute Affirmative Action as government only program, specifically for ADOS only

Again, I have no issues with this.  This should have been the required implementation anyway that should NOT have been co-opted by other groups.

Affirmative Action wordcloud


Point 3: Reinstate the protections of The Voting Rights Act

I have no issues with this either. (but don’t worry, my co-signing will soon come to an end, lol)


Point 4: Distribute 15% of SBA loans to ADOS businesses

I DO have an issue with this.  Either one of two things should happen:

  • if a lump sum payment is given out to ADOS recipients (per my suggestion/recommendation near the beginning of this post), AND they still want a loan with the SBA, provided they have not had a bankruptcy in the last two years, the applicant should be moved to the front of the line for consideration (only behind other ADOS applicants who applied beforehand) AND the loan(s) should automatically be approved with no review up to $100,000; or
  • if no lump sum has been distributed to ADOS recipients, then all SBA ADOS applicants should have their applications moved to the front of the line for consideration (only behind other ADOS applicants who applied beforehand) AND the loan(s) should automatically be approved with no review up to $250,000, with $100,000 of the loan to automatically be forgiven based on the status of being an ADOS.
  • Small Business Administration (SBA) logo


Point 5: Target ADOS communities with a multi-billion dollar infrastructure plan

I do not believe this should be included, because this should happen ANYWAY.  ADOS communities developed AFTER slavery, as slaves did not form their own communities.  As such, this issue is more a result of segregation than slavery, and thus should be separated.


Point 6: Residents of majority ADOS areas that have been poisoned must be financially compensated for the benign neglect of the EPA/government

Again, see my beliefs in Point 5.  This is a given that shouldn’t be tied to slavery.


Point 7: Immediately assess state/federal ADOS prison populations/reviews of punishments levied on ADOS in relation to other groups for similar crimes/real prison reform

Again, see my beliefs in Point 5.  This is a given that shouldn’t be tied to slavery, and I don’t believe this goes far enough:

  • For a LOT of non-violent offenses, the sentences should immediately be forgiven, and monetary compensation of $5,000 per month of incarceration given to the “offenders”
  • ALL non-violent ADOS “offenders” who may have previously had their voting rights revoked shall immediately have them reinstated
  • a government grant in the amount of $5,000 should be given to any company who hires the “offenders,” so long as they have satisfactory job performance for a period of no less than 1 year (this encourages long-term employment while discouraging abuse of the system)


Point 8: Triple the current federal allotment to HBCUs via legislation

I wholesale do NOT support this.  In a time when HBCUs have allowed non-black and transgender individuals come into their ranks, this allows non-ADOS individuals to claim benefits not meant for them.  In addition, HBCUs were formed in part because black people were not allowed to be educated in white-only institutions.

If anything, this should be flipped.

These institutions should be forced to set aside 20% of their incoming student populations specifically for ADOS applicants, AND fund at minimum 50% of their tuition, and ALL of their room/board, books, meal plans, AND any and all associated fees that students are expected to pay.

Clark Atlanta University - Atlanta, GA


HBCUs should also be audited to ensure they are doing everything that is in the best interest of the STUDENTS.  Issues should as this that happened at Clark Atlanta University should never be allowed to happen, else that university be placed on probationary status immediately, and not to end before a period of 1 year.  If issues are not corrected, they lose access to all federal monies that fund student loans.


Point 9: Limit the number of H1-B Visa workers that tech companies employ in each year

This is not tied to slavery at all, and affects more than just ADOS designees.  A problem, yes, but this can be raised during the political season.


Point 10: Investigate possible patterns of racial discrimination in lending at banks/require banks to extend loans to ADOS businesses

Slaves never got loans, let alone access to any kind of bank, so this is a waste of time trying to pursue and trying to tie it to slavery.  I feel as though it’s tied more to segregation, and maybe should be part of the Civil Rights Act more so a discussion about reparations.


Point 11: Mandate that the government’s advertising budget include Black media

I can agree with this, as long as that advertising does not also include any support for gay themes or issues.  These two things are completely separate, and often gay issues are used to hijack ADOS issues even when ADOS issues are specifically referenced (see Cory Booker).  Also, the government should not be used to push a gay agenda (which many believe it is already complicit in doing).


Point 12: ADOS college debt should be forgiven

HELL YES.  Immediately.  Yesterday.


Point 13: A health care credit to pay for medical coverage for all ADOS.

Yes, provided this is separate from all other monies distributed to ADOS recipients.  There should be requirements for how this credit is used as well:

  • This amount should be no less than $100,000 and have no expiration date
  • When used to cover any surgery, pharmaceutical, or counseling need, the provider must charge the same rates as the most heavily discounted insurance rate used for the same type of service within the last 20 years. (for example: if a heart surgery cost an insurance company $20,000 in 1999, this is the rate that would be used for the same type of surgery today)
  • providers will not be allowed to create new designations for the same service in order to circumvent the point mentioned above (for example: a hospital can’t create a new “code” for a heart surgery and call that a new procedure that has not been used in the past; ALL codes the hospital has used for the same type of service will be compared to ensure compliance)
  • failure to charge correctly for these services and failure to use the credits properly will result in fines to the provider, as well as the service being completed free of charge, with no ramifications to be assessed to the patient (such as marks on credit reports, collection activities, etc).


Point 14: Pass H.R. 40 and implement additional supportive measures

I’m kinda torn on this one.  Although this is a good step, obviously depending on the government to do anything right has us in the positions that we are in today.

Instead, I believe that proposals should come from the public, with the most commonly supported ideas voted on in some way.

Final Thoughts (Jerry! Jerry!)

I think the Black Agenda framework has great ideas, but it’s much too light on specifics.  It is leaving to much to interpretation and chance, and also asking and hoping more than declaring and demanding (which is the same thing that happened during Obama’s campaign/presidency).  Also, since we have seen what the government is capable of in their distribution of funds during the 2008 Great Recession, which included the $700 billion Bank Bailout (aka Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008) and the $80.7 billion Auto Industry Bailout.  These entities have been on record for the damaging ways that they have done “business” with ADOS consumers, yet benefits from taxpayer funds, which of course included funds from the same ADOS taxpayers whom they damaged in business.  This in effect was like loaning money to a title pawn or pay day lending business, the mob, or a debt collector.

Once the specifics can be ironed out (of course, back with supporting evidence that has provided for many of their Black Agenda points), we will be in a much better position to demand what is rightfully owed to us, versus approaching the issue hat-in-hand as if we’re asking for more gruel, sir.

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